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The Turn The Ship Around! Workbook

Implement Intent-Based Leadership In Your Organization

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Now revised and expanded - the companion workbook to former submarine captain David Marquet's acclaimed leadership book, Turn The Ship Around!

In Turn the Ship Around! former U.S. Navy Captain David Marquet introduced a bold new approach to leadership, based on his experiences turning around the troubled submarine USS Santa Fe. He gave up the traditional command-and-control model and instead inspired every member of his crew to embrace accountabliity. Santa Fe rapidly improved its dismal performance record and started winning awards as the best ship in its class.

In this workbook -- now a revised and expanded second edition, with a new title -- Marquet helps readers apply his methods to their own organizations. Featuring extensive questions and exercises on how to delegate and inspire, this workbook will help readers build a work community based on personal responsibility and trust. As Marquet writes:

Imagine a workplace where everone engages and contributes their full intellectual capacity, a place where people are happier and healthier because they have more control over their work - a place where everyone is a leader.... All of this is possible, but not with the current leadership paradigm.


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Over David Marquet

Leiderschapsexpert en bestseller auteur L. David Marquet diende 28 jaar lang als kapitein bij de Amerikaanse marine. Hij was commandant van de nucleaire onderzeeboot USS Santa Fe. Hij is de man achter 'intent-based leadership', een verrassend effectief model dat volgers omvormt tot leiders. Hij treedt op als spreker en geeft workshops, ook in Nederland. Simon Sinek schreef over hem: "Een leider als Marquet komt maar eens per generatie langs. Zijn ideeën en lessen zijn van onschatbare waarde". Stephen R. Covey: "I don't know of a finer model of this kind of empowering leadership than Captain Marquet."

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Imagine a World

Part 1: Mechanisme for starting over
1. Think anew about leadership
2. Thinking long-term, even beyond your tenure at the organization
3. Care but don’t care
4. Be curious
5. Do something different
6. Create leaders not followers
7. Achieve excellence, don’t just avoid errors

Part 2: Mechanism for control
8. Push authority to information
9. Act your way to new thinking
10. Short, early conversations make effective work
11. Use “I Intend to…” to create leaders at every level
12. Return the problem unsolved
13. Eliminate Top- Down monitoring systems
14. Think out loud
15. Embrace the inspectors

Part 3: Mechanism for competence
16. Take deliberate action
17. We learn (Everywhere, all the time)
18. Don’t brief, certify
19. Continually and consistently repeat the message
20. Specify goals, not methods

Part 4: Mechanism for clarity
21. Take care of your people and build trust
22. Use your legacy for clarity
23. Use guiding principles for decision criteria
24. Immediately reward desired behaviors
25. Begin with the end in mind
26. Encourage a questioning attitude over blind obedience
27. Implementing intent-based leadership and building leaders

Part 5: Final mechanism and conclusion
28. Don’t empower, emancipate
29. Ripples

Intent-based leadership manifesto

Appendix: Summary of practice from ‘Turn the Ship around!’


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        The Turn The Ship Around! Workbook