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Courseware based on The Archimate® Standard, Version 3.1 – Foundation and Certified (Level 1 & 2) by Van Haren Publishing

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Van Haren Publishing is listed as accredited Archimate® training course provider on the Archimate® Accreditation Register for The Archimate® Standard.

We know the accreditation process well and support you with this. You don’t have to worry about the accreditation, you can become an affiliate of us and we will guide you in three easy steps through the process, including enrolment of qualified trainers. Our materials are of the highest quality includes extensive exam preparations and many other extra’s!

Already, many well-respected training organizations make use of these Van Haren Publishing high quality materials and services for the delivery of The TOGAF Standard training. We have been enabling our Affiliates to grow their revenue and numbers of students. The easiness of enrollment and the many extra’s we provide creates a great competitive advantage for our partners. Contact info(at)vanharen.net if you have any questions.

The Courseware consist out of ArchiMate® 3 Foundation and Practitioner (Level 1 & 2) and the additional ArchiMate 3.1 Publications like:
- ArchiMate 3.1 Specification
- ArchiMate 3.1 a pocket Guide

The Archimate® Standard has been developed through the collaborative efforts of the whole community. Using The Archimate® Standard results in an Enterprise Architecture that is consistent, reflects the needs of stakeholders, employs best practice, and gives due consideration both to current requirements and the perceived future needs of the business.

These courseware materials form the perfect basis for full course accreditation including the Van Haren's QMS, Courseware materials, authorized trainer(s) enrollment and exam voucher(s).

Disclaimer: These courseware materials separately are not accredited and do not provide any right to use the trademark. Also these materials may not be commercially used without a Commercial License from The Open Group. When registered for a TOGAF® course, the exam/certification voucher is included in the training fee.


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Over Van Haren Learning Solutions a.o.

Van Haren Publishing publishes easy to access publications on Best Practices that are developed by professionals and quality-reviewed by many other experts. This provides you with information summarizing years of experience by the best in the profession. It is an honor for us to collaborate with knowledge partners like ASLBiSL Foundation, IACCM, IPMA, ITSMF, ITWNET, IVI and The Open Group, to support their Best Practices and standards. Not only do we publish books on Best Practices, we also actively and independently promote the standards and frameworks via many partners. Van Haren Learning Solutions was founded in 2017 and aims to facilitate organizations and learners with Van Haren Best Practices and Standards. Starting in 2020 we enable this aim by delivering and developing certification, accreditation, examination and courseware. By supporting the ecosystem around the Best Practices and Standards, Van Haren Learning Solutions helps Training Organizations to grow by offering new courses and examination without the effort of also developing the material and exams. The application of these best practices and standards is not more than a tool that enables professionals to get to better results. We understand that this is mainly about knowledge and skills. We also realize that the human factor is more important, since without people all these things don’t evolve at all. Partly we also address this area through our publications that are based on competence, but we admit that we only cover a small area in the products we provide. Anyway, we do our best to play a part in sharing the knowledge and skills from Best Practice and standards with our customers. The rest is up to you. Kind regards, The publishing team of Van Haren Publishing

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Reflection 7
Agenda 9
ArchiMate® 3 Training Course 13
Intro and about certification (1) 13
Intro (2) 13
About ArchiMate Certification (6) 15

Language Structure (10) 17
Definitions (17) 21
ArchiMate Framework (19) 22
Core Layers Example Model (27) 26
Understanding aspects (41) 33
Top‐level structure and metamodel (57) 41
Business Layer (82) 53
Introduction and elements (83) 54
Exercise – Creating a business Model (89) 57
Business model examples (92) 58
Metamodel business (96) 60
Composite elements (104) 64
Relationships (109) 67
Chains and strength (110) 67
Relationship categories and connector (113) 69
Exercise (125) 75
2 Way directional reading (134) 79
Nesting (137) 81
Application Layer (157) 90
Introduction and elements (158) 91
Application model examples (163) 94
Metamodel application (167) 96
Exercise (172) 98
Technology layer (177) 101
Introduction and elements (178) 101
Technology model examples (184) 104
Metamodel technology (188) 106
Physical elements (195) 110
Introduction and elements (158) 111
Physical model example (200) 112
Metamodel physical (203) 114
The ArchiMate standard and TOGAF (206) 115
Motivation Aspects (211) 117
Introduction and elements (212) 118
Motivation model example (217) 121
Metamodel motivation (220) 122
Strategy Elements (223) 124
Introduction and elements (224) 124
Strategy model example (228) 126
Metamodel strategy (230) 127
Exercise (232) 128
Implementation & Migration Layer (235) 130
Introduction and elements (236) 130
Implementation & migration model example (240) 132
Metamodel implementation & migration (242) 133
Language specifics (245) 135
Derived relationships (246) 135
Cross Layer Dependencies (253) 139
ArchiMate viewpoint mechanism (262) 143
Specialization and profiling (272) 148
ArchiMate® 3 Part 1 Practice Test 153
Instructions 156
Examination 157
Answers 178
ArchiMate® 3 Part 2 Practice Test 181
Instructions 184
Examination 185
Bonus Questions 215
Answers 223
Bonus Answers 236
ArchiMate® 3 Conformance Requirements (Multi‐Level) 239
Introduction 242
Terminology and Definitions 242
Conformance Terminology 243
Learning Unit Format 243
Bridging Syllabus 243
Level 1 Conformance Requirements 244
Basic Concepts and Definitions 244
Language Structure 244
Generic Metamodel 245
Relationships 245
Motivation Modeling 245
Strategy Modeling 247
Business Layer 247
Application Layer 248
Technology Layer 249
Physical Elements 250
Cross‐Layer Modeling 251
Implementation and Migration 251
Addressing Stakeholder Concerns with Viewpoints and 252
The Open Group Certification for People: ArchiMate® 3 252
Level 2 Conformance Requirements 253
Language Structure 253
Generic Metamodel 253
Relationships 253
Motivation Modeling 254
Strategy Modeling 254
Business Layer 255
Application Layer 255
Technology Layer 255
Physical Elements 256
Cross‐Layer Modeling 256
Implementation and Migration 256
Addressing Stakeholder Concerns with Viewpoints, Views 257
Language Customization Mechanisms 257
Conformance Requirements for Bridging from ArchiMate 2 258
Basic Concepts and Definitions 258
Language Structure 258
Generic Metamodel 259
Relationships 259
Motivation Modeling 260
Strategy Modeling 260
Business Layer 261
Application Layer 261
Technology Layer 261
Physical Elements 262
Cross‐Layer Modeling 262
Implementation and Migration 263
Addressing Stakeholder Concerns with Viewpoints and Views 263
Language Customization Mechanisms 263
Indicators of Compliance 264
Key Learning Point Mapping to the Body of Knowledge 265
Practical Modeling Exercises 274
Regulatory Auditing Reporting & Management – RARM 275
BACKGROUND to RARM Target Architecture from SaveBank 275
Exercise 1a – Modeling the Application Integration Routing 275
Exercise 1b – Create SaveBank Target RARM Architecture; 275
Virtualized Application Integration and Messaging Architecture 278
Background Exercise 2a and 2b 278
Exercise 2a ‐ Infrastructure Viewpoint 278
Exercise 2b – Infrastructure Usage Viewpoint 279
ALTERNATIVE ‐ Exercise 2 ‐ HARDER 280
Guidance and Direction: 280
Example solution exercise 1a 282
Example solution exercise 1b 282
Example solution exercise 2a 283
Example solution exercise 2b 283
Practical Modeling Sniplets 284
Sniplet 1 285
Sniplet 2 285
Sniplet 3 285
Sniplet 4 285
Sniplet 5 285
Sniplet 1 example solution 286
Sniplet 2 example solution 286
Sniplet 3 example solution 287
Sniplet 4 example solution 287
Sniplet 5 example solution 289
ArchiMate® Certification for People ‐ Practical Exercises 290
Introduction 292
Exercise 1: Online Insurance Portfolio and Claims Management 293
Exercise 1a: Goal Realization 293
Exercise 1b: Application Co‐operation 294
Exercise 1c: Requirements Realization 294
Exercise 2: Business Reorganization 295
Exercise 2a: Business Functions 295
Exercise 2b: Layering 296
Exercise 3: Back‐Office Application Cooperation and Usage 297
Exercise 3a: Back‐Office Application Cooperation 297
Exercise 3b: Application Usage for Product Development 299
Exercise 4: Infrastructure Structure, Behavior and Usage 302
Exercise 4a: Technology Landscape 302
Exercise 4b: Technology Usage 303
Exercise 5: Strategic Direction 304
Exercise 5a: Capability Map 304
Exercise 5b: Capability Realization 305
Extension Exercises 306

Strategy Layer Extension Exercise 306
Implementation & Migration Extension Exercise 306

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        Courseware based on The Archimate® Standard, Version 3.1 – Foundation and Certified (Level 1 & 2) by Van Haren Publishing