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Strategy Safari

A Guided Tour Through The Wilds Of Strategic Management

Paperback Engels 2005 9780743270571
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No other book synthesizes the entire history and evolution of strategic management in so lively and entertaining a fashion. Since the initial publication of Strategy Safari, managers, consultants, and academics all over the world have found this book an indispensable and delightful tool—it has been translated into more than ten languages, including Chinese, Russian, and French, and has been used in top MBA programs worldwide.

'Strategy Safari' makes sense of a field that often seems to make no sense. Mintzberg, Ahlstrand, and Lampel pair their sweeping vision of strategy making with an authoritative catalog in which they identify ten schools of strategy that have emerged over the past four decades.

Why struggle through the vast, confusing terrain of strategy formation? With clarity and depth, 'Strategy Safari' maps the strategic landscape and facilitates intelligent, informed strategy formation.


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Wees de eerste die een lezersrecensie schrijft!

Over Henry Mintzberg

De Canadese organisatiedeskundige Henry Mintzberg geniet internationale bekendheid; zijn boeken 'The Nature of Managerial Work', The Structuring of Organizations', 'Power In and Around Organizations' zijn voor velen verplichte lectuur - zijn seminars worden druk bezocht. Henry Mintzberg bekleedt de Bronfman-leerstoel in management aan de McGill-universiteit en is voorzitter van de Strategic Management Society. Hij werd tweemaal onderscheiden met de McKinsey-prijs voor het beste artikel in Harvard Business Review; de eerste maal voor The Manager's Job: Folklore and Fact (1975) en de tweede maal in 1987 voor Crafting Strategy.

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1. And over here, ladies and gentlemen: the strategic management beast
Why ten?
A field review
Five Ps for strategy
Strategies for better and for worse
Strategic management as an academic discipline

2. The design school: strategy formation as a process of conception
Origins of the design school
The basic design school model
Premises of the design school
Critique of the design school
The design school: contexts and contributions

3. The planning school: strategy formation as a formal process
The basic strategic planning model
Sorting out the hierarchies
Premises of the planning school
Some more recent developments
Planning's unplanned troubles
The fallacies of strategic planning
The context and contribution of the planning school

4. The positioning school: strategy formation as an analytical process
Enter Porter
Premises of the positioning school
The first wave: origins in the military maxims
The second wave: the search for consulting imperatives
The third wave: the development of empirical propositions
Critique of the positioning school
Contribution and context of the positioning school

5. The entrepreneurial school: strategy formation as a visionary process
Origins in economics
The literature of the entrepreneurial school
Visionary leadership
Premises of the entrepreneurial school
Contribution, critique, and context of the entrepreneurial school

6. The cognitive school: strategy formation as a mental process
Cognition as confusion
Cognition as information processing
Cognition as mapping
Cognition as concept attainment
Cognition as construction
Premises of the cognitive school
Critique, contribution, and the context of the cognitive school

7. The learning school: strategy formation as an emergent process
Formation versus formulation
Emergence of a learning model
New directions for the learning school
From organizational learning to the learning organization
Critique of the learning school
Contribution and context of the learning school

8. The power school: strategy formation as a process of negotiation
Micro power
Upper echelons theory: strategic management at the top
Macro power

9. The cultural school: strategy formation as a collective process
The nature of culture
Premises of the cultural school
Culture and strategy
The Swedish wing of the cultural school
Resources as the basis of competitive advantage
Critique, contribution and context of the cultural school

10. The environmental school: strategy formation as a reactive process
Premises of the environmental school
The contingency view
The population ecology view
Institutional pressures to conform
Critique, contribution, and context of the environmental school

11. The configuration school: strategy formation as a process of transformation
Configuration and transformation
Splitters and lumpers
Premises of the configuration school
Researching configuration
Transforming organizations
Critique, context, and contribution of the configuration school

12. 'Hang on, ladies and gentlemen, you have yet to meet the whole beast'
Of tails and tusks, plans and patterns
Taming the wilds of strategic management
Toward seeing the whole beast
The hunt for strategic management


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