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Business Model You

The One–Page Way to Reinvent Your Work at Any Life Stage

Paperback Engels 2022 9781119879640
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GLOBAL HIT • Finally, a book that shows you how to replace career uncertainty with career confidence, step-by-step

Before they make important decisions, entrepreneurs, scientists, and other professionals maximize results and minimize risk by testing future scenarios using models. Now you, too, can use models to test career decisions: with the single-page visual method that's already helping hundreds of thousands of professionals worldwide.

Careers were complicated enough before explosive changes swept the world, igniting even greater complexity and triggering uncertainty—along with hidden opportunities. All of this compels professionals to reinvent how they work. But how?

The key is to draw a visual "picture" of your work—a model—that quickly gives you an entirely new understanding of what your work means to employers, customers, colleagues—and you. This model instantly triggers new insights and identifies next career moves you can make with confidence.

Readers of the first edition of Business Model You will find this all-new, full-color book deepens their understanding of the method with new tools and techniques including the Work Model Canvas, Outward Focus, Third Objects, The Three Questions, the "Passion" Myth, the Valuable Work Detector, and Reasons to Choose You. Examples covering 50 occupations in both commercial and not-for-profit sectors are features, all alphabetically indexed at the front of the book.

A global hit available in 20 languages, Business Model You pioneered the model-based approach to work reinvention that's been adopted for use by thousands of corporations, universities, and not-for-proit organizations worldwide. Want to replace career uncertainty with career confidence? Reinvent the most important model of all: Business Model You.


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Business Model You: A One-Page Method For Reinventing Your Career
Brigitte Koehler | 31 oktober 2012
In 'Business Model You' van Tim Clark in samenwerking met Alexander Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur en Patrick van der Pijl maak je kennis met het businessmodel Canvas. Het leert je aan de hand van verschillende praktijkcases hoe je op jezelf, je leven en carrière kunt reflecteren. Ook leer je hoe je je persoonlijke carrièredoel kunt vaststellen, en welke stappen je kunt nemen om dit doel daadwerkelijk te realiseren. Dit model zorgt ervoor dat je je loopbaan opnieuw kunt gaan uitvinden, op één enkele pagina.
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Over Alexander Osterwalder

Dr. Alexander (Alex) Osterwalder is een van 's werelds meest invloedrijke strategie- en innovatiedeskundigen, een toonaangevende auteur, ondernemer en veelgevraagd spreker wiens werk de manier waarop gevestigde bedrijven zaken doen en hoe nieuwe ondernemingen ontstaan, heeft veranderd. Als een van de belangrijkste managementdenkers van deze tijd, staat Osterwalder bekend om het vereenvoudigen van het strategieontwikkelingsproces en het omzetten van complexe concepten in heldere toepasbare visuele modellen. Samen met Yves Pigneur bedacht hij het Business Model Canvas en het Value Proposition Canvas.

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Over Yves Pigneur

Dr. Yves Pigneur is sinds 1984 Professor of Management Information Systems aan de Universiteit van Lausanne, en werkte als gasthoogleraar aan Georgia State University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology en de University of British Columbia. Pigneur won in 2015 de Thinkers50 Strategy Award. Hij is hoofdredacteur van de academische krant 'Systèmes d'Information & Management' (SIM), en schreef samen met Alexander Osterwalder de internationale bestseller 'Business Model Generatie: Een handboek voor Visionairs, Game Changers en Uitdagers'. Hij behaalde zijn doctorsgraad aan de Universiteit van Namen, België.

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Over Bruce Hazen

Bruce is carrière- en managementconsultant en begeleidt al ruim 18 jaar leiders en hun volgers naar een persoonlijke beantwoording op maat van De Drie Carrièrevragen. Als spreker, trainer en consultant heeft hij een duidelijke missie: minder werkpleklijden, een grotere carrièretevredenheid, cliënten een grotere theorie van het spel geven, en hen behoeden voor een carrière van ‘baan-na-baan’ vinden. Hij behaalde een bachelor en masterstitel in Industrial and Labor Relations en Klinische Psychologie aan respectievelijk Cornell University en San Jose State University, en werkte 25 jaar in zowel humanresource- als lijnmanagementfuncties in de sectoren technologie, gezondheidszorg en professionele dienstverlening. Bruce is President van Three Questions Consulting en auteur van Answering The Three Career Questions: Your Lifetime Career Management System. Hij was coauteur van het hoofdstuk over carrière coaching in The Complete Handbook of Coaching en droeg als coauteur bij aan Business Model You.

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Over Alan Smith

Alan Smith is obsessed with design, business, and the ways we do them. He helped create the Value Proposition Canvas with Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur, and the breakthrough design for Business Model Generation. He co-founded Strategyzer.

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1 Diagram
Learn to understand and describe workplaces —and your own work

Chapter 1 The Key to Workplace Satisfaction and the Cure for Workplace Suffering 15
A Bigger View of Work | Why Business Models? | Changing Times, Changing Models | People Must Change, Too | Work Models for Everyone | An Ecology of Work | Career “Planning” Is Dead: Long Live Work Modeling

Chapter 2 To Understand Your Work, Understand Your Workplace 23
The Business Model Canvas | Every Organization Has a Business Model | Who Is the Customer? | What Jobs Do Customers Need to Have Done? | The Harsh Truth | Why Pictures? | The Nine Building Blocks | A Way to Understand the World of Work | Systems Thinking for the Rest of Us | Thinking Ahead Is Good, Thinking Outward Is Better | The Enterprise Service Model Canvas | Next Steps for You

Chapter 3 Next, Diagram How You Work 65
The Work Model Canvas | Your First Work Model: Drafting Time! | The Power of “Third Objects” to Help You—and Others | Self-Check Your As-Is Model
2 Reflect
Revisit your work model and consider parts that need to change

Chapter 4 Now, Identify “Hotspots” and Refine Your Professional Identity 93
Time for Reflection | “Hotspots”: What They Are and How to Identify Them | Daughters and Fathers | How to Spot Pain or Potential | Deal with Hotspots Using the Three Questions | How to Navigate Career Space | Your “North Star” for a Lifelong Career Journey | Define Your Superpower | How to Define Your Professional Identity | A Message to the Unsure | The “Passion” Myth | Design Your Life | Three Things You Can “Make” | Avoid Gravity Problems | Stuck? Try This | Before Turning the Page, Ask Yourself .
3 Revise
Re-diagram your work model

Chapter 5 Revise Your Work Model 125
A New Role for a New Customer | How to Revise Your Work Model | The Power of Prototyping | Different Stages, Different Models | Calculating Costs and Consequences | Ask Diagnostic Questions | Modify Blocks and Evaluate Effects | Re-Diagram Your Model | Should You Become Self-Employed? | Pivoting from Employee to Entrepreneur | Pause and Ask Yourself .
4 Test
Test your work model

Chapter 6 Now, Test Your Work Model 155
Eric Tests His Revised Model | What If Your Situation Differs from Eric’s? | The Valuable Work Detector | Testing Detects More Valuable Work | How to Test Models | How Professionals Test Work Models | Testing Detects More Valuable Work | How to Test Models | Who to Approach and What to Say | Script for a First-Time Referral Contact | Meet Your Referrals | The Secret Question | How to Obtain “Insider” Data | Should You Become Self-Employed? | Disadvantage Becomes Superpower | Coach Yourself Now!

Chapter 7 Brand and Promote Yourself 181
Reasons to Choose You | A Personal Brand Supercharges Your Work Model | The Personal Brand Canvas | How to Solve Personal Brand Canvas Problems | Personal Brand Fitness | Want More Credibility? Mine Your Memory | How to Engage Your Audience | FIrst, Craft a Digital Identity That Doesn’t Suck | Coach Yourself Now!
5 Next Steps
Learn how to keep going—and meet the community and resources behind Business Model You®

Chapter 8 The Three Commandments of Career Change 207
Bedrock Principles for a Distracted World | 1. Keep Outward Focus | 2. Model | 3. Ask the Three Questions

Chapter 9 Ask Yourself the Three Questions 215
A Lifetime Career Navigation System | When Is It Time to Move Up? | When Is It Time to Move Out? | When Is It Time to Adapt Your Style? | The Three Commandments and Think Out Loud Partners | Challenge Yourself With These Questions:

Chapter 10 Find Your Think Out Loud Partner 233
Can You Hear You? | Become a Thought Partner for a Less Experienced Person | What Work Means | Food for Thought The Final Word

Resources 244
Creator Bios | Community and Other Resources | Citations | Index

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