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Industrial Cybersecurity

Efficiently monitor the cybersecurity posture of your ICS environment

Paperback Engels 2021 9781800202092
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Get up and running with industrial cybersecurity monitoring with this hands-on book, and explore ICS cybersecurity monitoring tasks, activities, tools, and best practices.

Key Features
- Architect, design, and build ICS networks with security in mind
- Perform a variety of security assessments, checks, and verifications
- Ensure that your security processes are effective, complete, and relevant

With Industrial Control Systems (ICS) expanding into traditional IT space and even into the cloud, the attack surface of ICS environments has increased significantly, making it crucial to recognize your ICS vulnerabilities and implement advanced techniques for monitoring and defending against rapidly evolving cyber threats to critical infrastructure.

This second edition covers the updated Industrial Demilitarized Zone (IDMZ) architecture and shows you how to implement, verify, and monitor a holistic security program for your ICS environment. You'll begin by learning how to design security-oriented architecture that allows you to implement the tools, techniques, and activities covered in this book effectively and easily.

You'll get to grips with the monitoring, tracking, and trending (visualizing) and procedures of ICS cybersecurity risks as well as understand the overall security program and posture/hygiene of the ICS environment. The book then introduces you to threat hunting principles, tools, and techniques to help you identify malicious activity successfully. Finally, you'll work with incident response and incident recovery tools and techniques in an ICS environment.

By the end of this book, you'll have gained a solid understanding of industrial cybersecurity monitoring, assessments, incident response activities, as well as threat hunting.

What you will learn
- Monitor the ICS security posture actively as well as passively
- Respond to incidents in a controlled and standard wayUnderstand what incident response activities are required in your ICS environment
- Perform threat-hunting exercises using the Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana (ELK) stack
- Assess the overall effectiveness of your ICS cybersecurity program
- Discover tools, techniques, methodologies, and activities to perform risk assessments for your ICS environmentWho this book is for

If you are an ICS security professional or anyone curious about ICS cybersecurity for extending, improving, monitoring, and validating your ICS cybersecurity posture, then this book is for you. IT/OT professionals interested in entering the ICS cybersecurity monitoring domain or searching for additional learning material for different industry-leading cybersecurity certifications will also find this book useful.


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Hoofdrubriek:IT-management / ICT


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Over Pascal Ackerman

Pascal Ackerman is a seasoned industrial security professional with a degree in electrical engineering and over 20 years of experience in industrial network design and support, information and network security, risk assessments, pentesting, threat hunting, and forensics. After almost two decades of hands-on, in-the-field, and consulting experience, he joined ThreatGEN in 2019 and is currently employed as managing director of threat services and research. His passion lies in analyzing new and existing threats to ICS environments and he fights cyber adversaries both from his home base and while traveling the world with his family as a digital nomad. Pascal wrote the previous edition of this book and has been a reviewer and technical consultant of many security books.

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Section 1: ICS Cybersecurity Fundamentals
Chapter 1: Introduction and Recap of First Edition
Chapter 2: A Modern Look at the Industrial Control System Architecture
Chapter 3: The Industrial Demilitarized Zone
Chapter 4: Designing the ICS Architecture with Security in Mind

Section 2:Industrial Cybersecurity – Security Monitoring
Chapter 5: Introduction to Security Monitoring
Chapter 6: Passive Security Monitoring
Chapter 7: Active Security Monitoring
Chapter 8: Industrial Threat Intelligence
Chapter 9: Visualizing, Correlating, and Alerting

Section 3:Industrial Cybersecurity – Threat Hunting
Chapter 10: Threat Hunting
Chapter 11: Threat Hunt Scenario 1 – Malware Beaconing
Chapter 12: Threat Hunt Scenario 2 – Finding Malware and Unwanted Applications
Chapter 13: Threat Hunt Scenario 3 – Suspicious External Connections

Section 4:Industrial Cybersecurity – Security Assessments and Intel
Chapter 14: Different Types of Cybersecurity Assessments
Chapter 15: Industrial Control System Risk Assessments
Chapter 16: Red Team/Blue Team Exercises
Chapter 17: Penetration Testing ICS Environments

Section 5:Industrial Cybersecurity – Incident Response for the ICS Environment
Chapter 18: Incident Response for the ICS Environment
Chapter 19: Lab Setup

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